Professional Teeth Whitening

The only trade-off with at-home chemical bleaching products is that since the concentrations of chemicals are much lower, they will take longer to work than in-office methods, Dr. Tam said. And not everyone will see whitening effects on their internal teeth stains. People’s enamel will absorb bleaching agents differently, she said, so the efficacy can vary. And some people just have naturally darker teeth than others, because of their genetics. Teeth whitening products sold over the counter work in one of two ways, the experts we spoke with said. prélèvements sanguins Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu scrape away stains using physical force or bleach those stains with the same chemicals used for in-office whitening procedures.
To dispense the gel, you click the bottom of the pen and brush it on your teeth. If you’re looking for a portable teeth whitening option, many brands offer gel-filled whitening pens formulated with whitening agents like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. To use a whitening pen, you brush the gel on your teeth and repeat as directed. Moon’s innovative minty teeth whitening strips with hydrogen peroxide are self-dissolving after about 15 minutes on teeth, so you can stick them on and forget about them. “This product actually worked after the first use!” an Ulta reviewer raved. “Within 20 minutes they were completely gone and they taste really great too.”
You aren’t going to get that kind of immediate result from a home whitening kit. The bleaching ingredient is stronger than what a patient will find in any home whitening kit. This is why fluoride treatments are advised, along with routine care. Using technology from Phillips works in a similar way to laser whitening but instead uses LED lights to accelerate a whitening agent.
Depending on your case and individual needs, it is possible to combine teeth whitening with other cosmetic treatments. Individuals who have minor chips or cracks may opt for another form of treatment but also inquire about ways to whiten their teeth. Although some solutions (i.e., veneers, dental crowns) cannot be whitened, professional tooth whitening can help to create a more even appearance.
At-home options include products like sticky strips or gel-filled trays. They’re easily available over the counter, and they can do a great job lightening teeth and removing stains. Your Tampa dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create models of your teeth.






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