Landscape Maintenance in Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, Castle Rock, Lone Tree

Frequent, shallow watering only moistens the top layer of soil and encourages the plant’s roots to move there instead of growing deeper. How often your gardener should come depends on what you’re looking for and your budget. Typically, homeowners prefer a gardener to come once per week, several times a month or once per month. This may include services like tidying up the garden or trimming and tidying hedges.
Always exceeding the basics, they will address immediate, one-time and long-term maintenance needs to be sure your landscape is in good health and beautiful to see throughout the year. Your outdoor living space should be a place of relaxation and stunning beauty. A well maintained landscape is as pleasing as a beautiful home. With all the details in place, you are free to enjoy quiet garden moments or to plan carefree outdoor entertaining. Your outdoor spaces are not merely a collection of beautiful plantings; they are a personal expression of who you are, how you live, and what you value most.
Sometimes the plants themselves can serve as a living mulch if they grow dense enough. For plants that are direct-sown from seed, removing excess seedlings is an essential step for a healthy vegetable garden. Some gardeners have a difficult time sacrificing seedlings, but leaving all the sprouted seedlings to grow too closely together will stunt the plants and reduce your overall yield. Neglect can also lead to lower yields and inferior vegetables due to more pest problems.
The preferred mulch for vegetable gardens is seed-free straw. It makes a nice cover, it’s easy enough to push aside for planting and it can be turned into the soil at the end of the season. An extra plus is that spiders love to hide in straw and feast on garden pests. We make sure the grass is mowed to the correct height for optimum plant health. Supplementing soil with organic matter such as humus and compost is the best way to not only provide nutrients but also contribute to soil health. Other organic fertilizers include things like liquid seaweed, fish emulsion, and alfalfa meal.
The term can also be extended to indoor gardens, nurseries, and potted plants. This requires a lot of maintenance, especially from the spring months onwards. Yet it is important to master mowing the lawn, even if that sounds odd at first.
These landscaped areas are generally west of Fairmont Boulevard. Interior and Exterior decorating options…Custom design and handmade decor…Creation and installation of long lasting winter containers and window box planning…Custom Holiday Decorations… Whether you’re trying to recreate the gardens at Versailles, or something a bit less extravagant, Lawn Love can help. In May, you should put a second application of pre-emergent weed control down on your lawn, depending on which weeds you’ve had problems with in the past. paysagement à Sainte-Julie provide our clients with a custom Lawn Maintenance Plan that’s hand-tailored to their unique landscape. Gardens for Living can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is receiving the expert care and personal attention it deserves.
You deserve the best lawn and landscape on the block—and you’re making a choice to enlist in a professional so you can get the results you want. Find out how our Total Maintenance lawn and landscape maintenance services can make your life easier and give you the landscape you always wanted. New plants and trees will require watering daily until the roots are properly established.
Depending on the weather, you may need to take extra precautions to keep some plants healthy! Your landscaper should have helped you to make sure the shrubs and flowers you chose suit the soil type of your yard. Planting for your region is a great way to prolong the life of your landscape. One of the most important aspects of landscape maintenance involves trimming and pruning trees and shrubs that are incorporated in your landscape design. Many people use the terms “lawn care” and “landscape maintenance” interchangeably.






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