Eyeglasses trends 2022: Must-have styles seen on celebrities

Try doing a virtual try-on with both a t-shirt and a button-down to see how different shirts and styles of frames match up before making your purchase. After finding a shape of frames that accent that charming mug of yours, you’ll need to select a material, color, and pattern that complement your wardrobe, too. “Specs with stunning gold detailing really sparkle in the daylight and frame the face beautifully. I would recommend pairing with a statement pair of small gold hoops to complete the look.” Eyeglasses trends 2023 will not be worth it if you pay too much beyond your budget.
Jelsy can be customized in tortoiseshell and blue-tortoiseshell colors for people who love to experiment with color combinations. Give your loved ones the newest eyewear trends this Christmas. These cute glasses are perfect for all of you stylish fashionistas out there.
LensCrafters offers a variety of discounts on new eyeglass frames, including a senior discount for AARP members. I love the elegant and classic look of these tortoise eyeglass frames. These go with everything, and the soft cat-eye effect is just perfect. Your personality will determine the style and color of your frames. Match lunetterie to your clothing style for a well-put-together look. Have several eyeglasses with different looks if you can afford them.
Once nose pads had been invented the lens shape turned from round and oval to various different versions of octagon glasses lenses. The Round, and Oval glasses shapes mostly went out the window. Today octagonal glasses frames come in all materials and colors and make a great option for prescription lenses or for sunglasses for men and women. Eyeglasses Warehouse has a large selection of octagon shaped sunglasses as well.
They perform minor color correction, on top of reducing eyestrain from lack of blinking. They may also be considered minor corrective non-prescription glasses. Depending on the company, these computer or gaming glasses can also filter out high energy blue and ultra-violet light from LCD screens, fluorescent lighting, and other sources of light. These glasses can be ordered as standard or prescription lenses that fit into standard optical frames. The real change that came about in the 1960’s was the common use of plastic in manufacturing eyeglasses.
This isn’t hugely different coloring-wise to the tortoiseshell trend, making them universally flattering. As they come in a range of silhouettes, again it’s simply about working out what frames suit your face and then shopping accordingly. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to have less plastic in your life too. If you’ve already integrated tortoiseshell into your sunglass selection, you’ll need no help here at all, but if you’ve yet to dip your toe in, what are you waiting for? Tortoiseshell is universally flattering and this trend comes in all glasses shapes, so just pick your fave frame shape and away you go. Bold framed glasses are really youthful and this season, there is a rainbow abundance of color to choose from.
These trendy eyeglasses are elegant and slim, making for the best power accessory for school or your professional life. Browlines are worn by both men and women and are the best option for those with a square face shape. Anaglyph 3D glasses have a different colored filter for each eye, typically red and blue or red and green. A polarized 3D system on the other hand uses polarized filters.
Eco-friendly glasses are a glasses trend that utilizes recycled biomass materials to create on-point frames. While everyone is worried about oversized glasses, why not look at something thin and elegant? If you want your face to speak for itself, add a touch of class with a thin or lightweight set of frames this year.






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